2017 Barber Club Race

Thanks for coming to the 2017 ALSCCA/TVR Barber Club race and Time Trial Championship event!

We're glad you chose to come to our event and we look forward to making our race better with each year.

We appreciate the support!


If you sign up to help out at Club Racing events like this one, there are a few things you might want to do.
Be on time to the Workers Meeting.
You will be getting your work assignment from the worker chief at that meeting.
The tram will be picking people up after the worker meeting to take you to your work station.
1. Bring some water and a snack in a cooler.
2. Bring some sunscreen
3. Bring some rain gear just in case it rains.
4. Bring a pen and a notepad in case you need to write down an incident
5. Wear light colored clothing. Please avoid Red, yellow, Green, Blue or Black shirts. White or tan is best.
6. Sunglasses are very nice to have on a sunny day.
7. Work gloves are good to have
Thank you for your support!


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