2017 Club Trophy Recipients

Hey everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about our Club race trophy winners.

First up is our Driver of the Year.  Our 2017 Club Racer of the Year has wins at Road Atlanta, Barber and Roebling Road plus a  new track record in Formula Mazda. He’s our SARRC rep and a collector of vintage Mazda race cars.
He’s Geoff Knight.
We can’t have a racer of the year without workers and some of our workers are so outstanding they get named Worker of the year.
Our 2017 Race Worker of the Year has been a mentor to many, an ambassador for our region, and he’s been instrumental in the Club’s operation for many years. He’s trained several people as Starters and got them on their way for Divisional and National licenses. He’s taken on jobs in support of the club race that are largely unseen, but very necessary, and his efforts unfortunately, have been taken for granted.

He’s helped me immeasurably and I am forever grateful.

Our 2017 Worker of the Year is Hans Mohnen.
Thanks to you both for a great 2017 season.

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