Autox Event#5 11/24/19

What a fun day at the Autox!

ALSCCA put on the year end Autox for 2019 at the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium on Sunday November 24. It was a cool cloudy start but soon turned to a nice fall day. Perfect for Autocross. Mike Cavanaugh, Steve Saunders and Johnathon Lovell set up a tight, transition-filled course that timed out to about 45 seconds long. It was hectic but fast and if you didn’t get a chance to walk the course you would be lost. Ask Mike Wenning. Many drivers commented about the course after the event that they hadn’t worked so hard driving in a while. It was a blast!

We had nearly 50 entrants and I’d say at least half we’re novices. The event started on time and we had approximately 3 cars on course at a time. There was plenty of time to get plenty of runs. Timing and scoring was working smoothly until the afternoon session but was resolved quickly and we were back to competition.
Sound seem to play a role in this event as we had several cars blowing the sound limit. We have lost this auto site twice before because of sound complaints so we respectfully ask you to make every effort to make your car sound compliant. We have a limit of 93db measured at 50’.  Noise doesn’t mean power. Need proof? Top 5 cars were very quiet.

The official policy on sound is you get a warning if you are above the limit. You then have a chance to make a change to lower the sound. Muffler packing material like steel wool or fiberglass works sometimes or bring a tailpipe insert to muffle things. If you again exceed the limit you will be required to stop running the car for the remainder of the day. Nobody wants this to happen. If you have concerns about your car we can check it before the event and see if there are issues. At that point you can decide whether to risk the entry fee for a sound violation.

I had a great time and if you had as much fun as I did get involved with our club and volunteer to cover a specialty like Grid control, Safety Steward, Timing and Scoring, Waivers, Tech inspection and support jobs like early setup and truck driver.

We offer training to ANYONE plus it’s a great way to make the events run more smoothly.

We need everyone to get involved to continue making better events.

Results from Sunday.

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