2021 Region Leadership

We are pleased to announce the Region Leadership for 2021. As a Region we are grateful for the following individuals willing to serve in the key positions that are responsible for the activities we all enjoy.

Regional Executive: Jim Farris
Treasurer: Kim Thees
Secretary: Jessica Lewis

Board of Directors:

  • Rod Hardiman
  • Robert Russom
  • Stephen Saunders
  • Nick Stone
  • Andy Tow
  • Mike Wenning


We are continuing to seek an Assistant Regional Executive. The Region, which means you of course, greatly benefits when new members are actively involved in leadership. We would love to have a new person come along to serve as Assistant RE, gain experience with Region activities, and then serve as a future RE.

There are needs in the Region other than Board and Officer positions. Some of these are:

  • "IT Support" - We essentially have one member who can support our website/email/etc issues. Nick would love your help if you are experienced in this field.
  • Social Media - We need additional help crafting our social media presence and managing the pages/events.
  • Rallycross Chair - We have not had an active Rallycross program in several years. If Rallycross is your thing, we need leadership to get the program restarted.
  • Event-specific needs - There are several specialty areas required for every event we run. If you are a regular at the club race or autocrosses we need you to consider taking a larger role in ensuring the success of these programs. 

The Region is also pleased to announce that our two largest programs have continuing leadership for next year.

  • After an excellent 2020 season Stephen Saunders is continuing as Autocross Chair for 2021.
  • John Waight has served above-and-beyond as Club Race Chair for several years now and will be continuing in 2021


By the way, the Barber Club Race is our largest event each year. Unfortunately most ALSCCA Club Racers have been completely MIA in Region Leadership for several years. If you enjoy racing at Barber you need to step up and take some load off those who have served you for years now. Anything else casts doubt on the future of your Barber SCCA race.


Just a reminder that our monthly Club meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month. 2020 has forced those to be virtual meetings for many months. Hopefully we will be able to meet in person soon. Region members are always welcome at these meetings.



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