Club Racing today

Club Racing is without question, the heart and soul of what the Sports Car Club of America stands for today.  The SCCA has been racing "wheel to wheel" as it is often called, since 1948 when the first event was held at the famous Watkins Glen Raceway in New York.  Since then, we have produced more road racers than any other organization in America, so what better place to start your amateur career than with the SCCA? 


Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a racecar at the end of your out lap, surrounded by fellow amateur driver’s just moments from taking the green flag.  Your heart races and adrenaline pumps; in your mind you briefly consider your future actions as well as your opponents.  The green flag flies and it's a mad dash to the first corner.  Do you have what it takes to survive it?  Can you go the distance, testing yourself and your equipment and come out victorious?


Many have asked these questions, but only a few have tested themselves to find the answers.  The answers come from hard work and dedication, excellence in driver and car development, team work, and pushing yourself to the absolute limit.  The only way to find out is try it yourself.  Drivers come from all walks of life and from every corner of America.    From Showroom Stock to Formula Atlantic, there is a class for every competitor and every budget.  So what are you waiting for?  Start your journey towards REAL racing today!