Getting Started

So you've made it this far. You heard about one of our events, it piqued your interest and you found our website. Congratulations, and we're sorry. You're about to embark down a long road of great friends, fun with your car, skipping birthday's and weddings to race and just having a great time with car people.

So what's next? Maybe you heard about our autocross program and are interested in coming to an event? Or maybe you came to an event with a friend and watched or rode along, but want to get behind the wheel and try your luck. Perhaps you know someone who would absolutely love to do this and you want to get them the information they need to get started. We've got you covered in any instance, because we're just that awesome.

If quick reactions on tight, technical courses is your aim, head on over to the Autocross section of the site. We've got the schedules up, some quick tutorials on what to expect, a FAQ and anything else you would need.

Maybe you were driving down 280 and saw a dirt covered WRX with some magnetic numbers and wondered what on earth they were doing, and how you could do the same thing. We've got just the cure for your lack of dirt - Rallycross. Everybody loves a little fun in the dirt, so check out the Rally section to see what's involved in playing out in a field. 

Who knows ... maybe you've done this all before and want to take that next step and get some time out on a road course. We can help you do that as well with our Time Trials program if you like racing against the clock.  Maybe you prefer some wheel to wheel racing. If so, there's Club Racing. Or maybe you just want to take your daily driver out to the track and put those mods to good use. In that case, PDX is your thing. Follow the links to learn more.

We've also got the thing for those of you who are unable to race, or just don't like it but love being around a race track. We're an organization that depends on its volunteers to prosper and we can always (always, always) use some willing bodies to help us support our racing events. You get the best seat in the house, track-side, and you get to see what goes on behind the scenes at a race. Our races can't take place without volunteers working the corners. So, if your car is out of order or you broke your arm trying to break the torque on that pesky strut nut, but you still want to get some racing action, grab a radio and some flags and get out there to support your fellow enthusiasts!

Lastly, maybe you don't want to participate in events. That's cool with us too. We've got a great community of car folks in the club, and they like to congregate on our forums, where they discuss suspension geometry, tire compounds, basic maintenance and everything in between. Get to know our members without even going to an event by joining the forum, where you can stay updated on what's going on in the club, who's car is sitting up on jack stands and who's got some new shiny parts. 

Whatever it is you need, we've got something for it.  Feel free to snoop around, learn more about us, join the forum, come to an event and get your addiction started off on the right foot with the right people.

And of course, welcome to the Alabama region SCCA.