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ALSCCA Monthly Meetings

Our regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. That means our February meeting will be next Tuesday, Feb 12th. We'll be in the conference room at MINI of Birmingham. The meeting starts at 6:30pm. ALSCCA members are always welcome to attend.

2019 Nominations and 2018 Year-End

It's time for officer nominations and we need folks to arrange the 2018 Year-End banquet as well as a new Webmaster. Please see this forum post for details.

2018 Dixie Tour

Twelve ALSCCA members made the annual trek to Adel, Georgia for the Dixie Champ Tour on March 17-18. The weather was perfect for the weekend with no real threat of rain. Fast courses, great competition, and getting to see many old friends make Dixie a must-do event. 275 drivers participated with some from as far away as Canada, Washington, & Oregon.


Here are how our folks performed as well as some of our friends from neighboring Regions.


Stephen Saunders and Nick Vagner, both ALSCCA, drove Steve’s Corvette in a tough 17 driver A Street field and came away with 9th & 13th respectively.


Ed Fisher from TVR took the 3rd place trophy in B Street in his 2000 Corvette.


TVR made up 25% of the 16 driver C Street field. Charles Krampert had an excellent showing taking the 3rd place trophy. Josh & Mike Cavanaugh finished 8th & 9th and Steve Hickey was 15th in what may have been his first National event.


D Street remains the Dennis Sparks (TVR) and Jordan Towns (ALSCCA) show. They have moved to a new 2018 WRX but haven’t slowed a bit with Dennis taking the win and Jordan taking 2nd. Dennis was also the second highest PAX finisher on street tires taking 9th out of the 275 participants, just 0.035 behind David Marcus in his STR Miata. TVR’s Steve Brollier brought home the 4th place trophy in Todd Rupp’s 2016 Cadillac ATS 2.0T automatic. Yes…a Cadillac automatic. DS also found TVR’s John Garrett in his first national event.


E Street was one of the largest classes with 19 drivers. TVR’s David & Mike Robinson had a very good weekend with 8th & 9th place finishes, separated by just 0.056. Just behind them in 10th was Chattanooga Region’s Karl Rickert.


Our Clay McCool battled tough competition in a 10 driver G Street field. Clay swapped the lead several times through the weekend and ultimately took the 3rd place trophy spot.


Brandon Davis (TVR) had a nice 6th place finish in a 10 driver SSR field filled with championship talent.


ALSCCA’s Jerry Ledford & Heath Patterson drove Jerry’s 350z in a deep 10 driver STU class. Cone trouble cost Jerry the overnight lead but he came back to take the 3rd trophy spot. Heath finished 8th.


ALSCCA’s father/son team of Jeff & Max Appelbaum had a great weekend in the 19 driver bloodbath known as STX. Max piloted their Mini Cooper S to the 4th place trophy and Jeff came home 8th.


ALSCCA claimed both trophy spots in STP along with the tightest finish at the event with Miles Crabbe taking the win by 0.001 over Rod Hardiman. Miles took a 0.425 overnight lead with a great third run on Saturday. Going into the final runs Rod had cut the gap to 0.221. Miles improved by 0.657 on his last run which proved just enough as Rod also improved by 0.877.


Our ALSCCA husband/wife Team Tongsuvone did very well in a 9 driver SM field. Chaisit took the 3rd trophy spot and Sara came home 6th. No word yet on when Chaisit will be allowed out of the doghouse when they get home.


In an XP class made up of 9 drivers from other classes that agreed to run XP for the competition, TVR’s Tom Hill finished 7th in his BSP Miata.



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